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Former Cognizant Technology Solutions Executives Criminally And Civilly Charged In Connection With Indian Planning Permit – Company Resolves $25 Million SEC Enforcement Action


In this 2016 post highlighting Cognizant Technology Solutions’s disclosure of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act scrutiny it was also noted that Gordon Coburn resigned from his position as President of Cognizant Technology Solutions. This follow-up post noted that the two disclosures were likely related.

Sure enough as today the DOJ announced that Coburn and Steven Schwartz (Executive Vice President, Chief Legal and Corporate Affairs Officer) were criminally charged with FCPA violations. If the defendants choose to put the DOJ/SEC to its burden of proof, disputed issues will likely focus on corrupt intent, obtain or retain business and the facilitating payments exception.

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SEC Finds That Former Panasonic Executive Authorized Conduct Causing Company’s FCPA Violations, Another Former Executive Found To Engage In Improper Revenue Recognition Practices


As highlighted in prior posts (here, here and here) in April 2018 the DOJ and SEC announced a $280 million Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement action against Japan-based Panasonic Corp.  and a U.S. subsidiary Panasonic Avionics Corp. (PAC).

In the words of the government “between 2007 and 2013, PAC employees, including senior executives, engaged in a scheme to retain consultants for improper purposes other than for providing actual consulting services.”

Earlier this week, the SEC returned to the same core conduct to bring administrative actions (here and here) against Paul Margis (pictured – a former President and CEO of PAC) and Takeshi Uonaga (PAC’s former CFO). The Margis action finds that he authorized various conduct giving rise to the company’s FCPA liability, whereas the Uonaga matter is materially different in that it is a revenue recognition matter.

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So Much For That Tone At The Top Thing As SEC Returns To Bring Enforcement Action Against SQM’s Former CEO


Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement often seems more robust than it actually is because, in the relatively rare instances in which there is an individual prosecution in connection with a corporate action, the individual action often (but not always) occurs long before or long after the corporate action. Many FCPA Inc. participants, who have a vested interest in portraying more not less FCPA enforcement, count these occurrences as multiple enforcement actions when in reality they are the same core enforcement action. (This article highlights this dynamic as well as other dubious and haphazard FCPA Inc. counting methods).

Reflective of the above dynamic, as highlighted in prior posts here and here in January 2017 the DOJ and SEC announced a $30.5 million enforcement action against Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile S.A. (SQM), a chemical and mining company based in Chile, in relation to its interactions with Chilean officials. The bulk of the enforcement action involved use of the CEO’s “discretionary fund to direct payments to Chilean politicians, political candidates, and individuals connected to them “many of which violated Chilean tax law and/or campaign finance limits” and falsely recording such payments in SQM’s books and records.

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Reading Assignment For All Executive Officers: The Mace Enforcement Action

Read This

The recent Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement action against Anthony Mace (the former CEO of SBM Offshore) is a must read

FCPA lawyers should send this post to their clients. In-house counsel and other compliance professionals should send this post to their executive officers and the Mace enforcement action should make its way into FCPA training and communications.

For starters, criminal FCPA enforcement actions against large company employees are unusual. (As highlighted in this prior post, the vast majority of individual criminal FCPA enforcement actions are against persons associated with small, privately held business organizations).

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SEC Brings Historic FCPA Enforcement Action Against Daniel Och (CEO And Chairman Of Och-Ziff) and Joel Frank (CFO)

Daniel Och

In connection with the $412 million Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement action against Och-Ziff (the 4th largest of all-time – stay tuned for additional coverage as original source documents become available), the SEC also found that Daniel Och (CEO and Chairman of Och-Ziff – pictured) was a cause of certain of the company’s FCPA books and records violations and that Joel Frank (CFO) was a cause of certain of the company’s FCPA books and records and internal controls violations.

This represents, what is believed to be, the first time in FCPA history that the SEC also found the current CEO and CFO of the issuer company liable for company FCPA violations.

Without admitting or denying the SEC’s findings, Och agreed to pay approximately $2.2 million ($1,900,000 – reflecting his estimated share of gain to Och-Ziff resulting from the transactions with a Democratic Republic of Congo Partner and $273,718 in prejudgment interest). The $2.2 million Och agreed to pay is the largest settlement amount in FCPA history by an individual in an SEC action.

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