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FCPA Unit Chief Kahn On Multijurisdictional Cases


Recently, DOJ Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Unit Chief Daniel Kahn penned an article in the Department of Justice Journal of Federal Law and Practice titled “Responding to the Upward Trend of Multijurisdictional Cases: Problems and Solutions.”

The Journal of Federal Law and Practice is the renamed United States Attorneys’ Bulletin and compared to delivering speeches, it is nice to see our public officials write articles (complete with certain footnotes) on topics they oversee.

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New Book – Strategies For Minimizing Risk Under The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act And Related Laws


Much has happened in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act space since release of my first book in 2014 titled “The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act In a New Era.” Thus, I am pleased to announce publication of my second book “Strategies for Minimizing Risk Under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Related Laws.”

The book provides a diverse group of professionals who can assist in risk management (such as lawyers; finance, accounting and auditing professionals; business executives and board of director members; human resources professionals; and others) with the best available tools to minimize risk under the FCPA and related laws given the current enforcement landscape.

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Harvard Law Prof Is Concerned About Judicial Scrutiny Of FCPA Enforcement


Harvard Law School Professor Matthew Stephenson has an impressive background.

Yet his Foreign Corrupt Practices Act views are, well, let’s just say interesting.

Recently, in the aftermath of the Second Circuit’s decision in U.S. v. Hoskins (see here, here and here for prior posts), Stephenson further advanced his view that judicial scrutiny of FCPA enforcement is not good because the DOJ might lose.

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Summer FCPA Reading List

Summer Reading


A time for reflection, a time to think, a time to read.

If you have some downtime, put it to good use.

This post provides an overview of FCPA writings that can help you elevate your Foreign Corrupt Practices Act knowledge, sophistication, and practical skills.

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New Article: The Dun & Bradstreet Enforcement Action – A Microcosm Of The Many Problems With FCPA Enforcement


Previous posts here, here and here highlighted the recent FCPA enforcement action against The Dun & Bradstreet Corp.

Bloomberg Law White Collar Crime Report recently published my article titled “The Dun & Bradstreet Enforcement Action – A Microcosm of the Many Problems With FCPA Enforcement.

The article abstract is as follows.

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