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New Article – Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Continuity In A Transition Year


Each January, this website publishes numerous year in review posts (see here).

In addition, each year I author a more comprehensive Foreign Corrupt Practices Act year in review / recent developments article that is published by a law review or journal.

The 2017 version, forthcoming in the Texas A&M Law Review, can be downloaded here.

Below is the abstract.

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New Article – Grading The DOJ’s “FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy”


Bloomberg BNA’s White Collar Crime Report recently published my article “Grading the DOJ’s FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy.”

The article can be downloaded here for free and address the following issues: (i) the obvious logical gap in the Corporate Enforcement Policy (CEP); (ii) how the CEP, both in terms of rhetoric and substance, is really nothing new; (iii) ten specific reasons why the corporate community should take the CEP with a grain of salt; and (iv) how the CEP falls short of accomplishing the laudable goals articulated by the DOJ compared to other alternatives previously advanced.

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The FCPA At 40: Q&A’s


Many thanks to Sue Reisinger and Corporate Counsel for the opportunity to engage in a Q&A regarding various aspects of the FCPA. (See here for “Happy Birthday, FCPA! We Party With An Expert”).

Many thanks also well to Robert Wilhem and Bloomberg Law White Collar Crime Report for the opportunity to engage in an extensive Q&A regarding various aspects of the FCPA. Among the topics discussed in the below Q&A (originally published on November 24, 2017 in the White Collar Crime Report and republished with permission) are the following: whether the FCPA has been successful; whether the FCPA puts U.S. companies at a disadvantage; typical time periods associated with FCPA inquiries; FCPA enforcement thus far in the Trump administration; and FCPA reform.

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Downtime FCPA Reading List


Traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday and have some downtime for reading?

FCPA Professor has got you covered.

Simply need a reason to excuse yourself early from the family gathering?

FCPA Professor has got you covered as well.

This post provides an overview of FCPA writings that can help you elevate your Foreign Corrupt Practices Act knowledge, sophistication, and practical skills.

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Are You Ready For Some Football? How A Successful Football Organization Can Inform FCPA Compliance In A Business Organization


Are you ready for some football?

For most U.S. readers, the answer is likely “yes” as the football season is arguably the most anticipated sports season and one that transforms the weekends of many (not to mention Monday nights and with increasing frequency Thursday nights – indeed the first game of the NFL regular season is tonight).

For Foreign Corrupt Practices Act professionals, understanding the game is not just a professional diversion, but one that can actually add professional value as well. The reason is because understanding what makes a football organization successful can also inform FCPA compliance in a business organization.

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