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Must Read – Former Deputy Attorney General David Ogden’s Speech Criticizing The DOJ’s Leverage-Based Enforcement Approach

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How many articles, speeches or commentary by former high-ranking DOJ officials does it take to realize that the DOJ is frequently misguided?

The latest former high-ranking DOJ official to criticize the DOJ’s current approach to investigating and resolving alleged legal violations by business organizations is David Ogden. Currently a partner at WilmerHale, Ogden previously was the DOJ Deputy Attorney General and prior to that a DOJ Assistant Attorney General.

Touching upon many of the same issues I have been writing about for years – from my 2010 article “The Facade of FCPA Enforcement,” to my 2010 Senate FCPA testimony, to my recent article “Measuring the Impact of NPAs and DPAs on FCPA Enforcement,” in this recent speech Ogden criticizes the DOJ’s “leverage-based” enforcement approach.

The speech is a must read and is excerpted below. Tomorrow’s post will be an episode of the FCPA Flash podcast in which Ogden discusses various aspects of the speech.

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Summer FCPA Reading List

Summer Reading


A time for reflection, a time to think, a time to read.

If you have some downtime this holiday weekend, put it to good use.

This post provides an overview of FCPA writings that can help you elevate your Foreign Corrupt Practices Act knowledge, sophistication, and practical skills.

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A Q&A Regarding “A Common Language to Remedy Distorted FCPA Enforcement Statistics”


My article “A Common Language to Remedy Distorted FCPA Enforcement Statistics” (click here to download) was recently published in the Rutgers Law Review.

The article discusses how various FCPA Inc. participants have adopted creative and haphazard counting methods that infect the quality and reliability of FCPA enforcement and related statistics of interest to many in the legal and business communities. The article also highlights how the lack of an FCPA common language has several negative effects including the quality of FCPA lawyering, the quality of empirical FCPA research, and the quality of FCPA reporting by the media.

The article concludes by proposing a FCPA common language that can improve the quality and reliability of FCPA statistics and thus allow a more cogent conversation to take place regarding FCPA issues.

I elaborate on various issues discussed in the article in a Q&A recently published in Bloomberg BNA’s White Collar Crime Report – “How a Common Language for the FCPA Would Help all Participants” (May 13, 2016).

The Q&A is set forth below.

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A Look Back At 2015 FCPA Enforcement And Related Developments

2015 year in review

Each year, in addition to numerous posts published on FCPA Professor, I author a more comprehensive Foreign Corrupt Practices Act year in review / recent developments article that is published by a law review or journal.

This publication process typically moves at a snail’s pace, but just because the calendar says April doesn’t mean it is too late to learn about the top FCPA events and issues from the prior year.

The 2015 version of the FCPA year in review article is forthcoming in the Cleveland State Law Review and can be downloaded for free here.

Among the issues addressed in the article are the following:

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