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Issues To Consider From Recent Enforcement Actions


Previous posts here and here highlighted the late December 2018 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement actions against Eletrobras and Polycom. This post continues the analysis by highlighting additional issues to consider.


As highlighted in this previous post, in June 2015 it was reported that Eletrobras hired a law firm to investigate FCPA issues. Thus, the company’s FCPA scrutiny appears to have lasted approximately 3.5 years. Once again, if the SEC wants its FCPA enforcement program to be viewed as legitimate and credible, it must resolve instances of FCPA scrutiny much quicker.

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The Gray Cloud Of FCPA Scrutiny Lasted Too Long In 2018

Gray Cloud

This recent post highlighted the origins of corporate Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement actions in 2018.

Continuing with the 2018 FCPA statistical feast, this post follows the chronology of scrutiny to enforcement and highlights one of the most troubling policy issues when it comes to FCPA enforcement.

That is – FCPA scrutiny simply lasts too long. Specifically, as highlighted below, 4.25 years was the approximate median length of time companies that resolved FCPA enforcement actions in 2018 were under scrutiny.

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Friday Roundup


Consistently damaged, across the pond, scrutiny alerts and updates, and for the reading stack. It’s all here in the Friday roundup.

“Consistently Damaged”

In this 12 minute video, Neil Bruce (CEO and President of SNC-Lavalin) describes his frustration for how the company is not being offered a remediation agreement (Canada’s term for a deferred prosecution agreement) in connection with its long-standing scrutiny. (See here and here for prior posts).

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Walmart’s FCPA Scrutiny Hits 7 Years


Among the many false narratives in the FCPA space is that Walmart’s FCPA scrutiny began with the New York Times front page article in April 2012. (See here).

However, as FCPA Professor readers know – because it was covered in real-time on this site – Walmart disclosed its FCPA scrutiny on December 8, 2011 (see here for the prior post).

Thus, if you are scoring at home, Walmart’s FCPA scrutiny is now seven years old.

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Issues To Consider From The Vantage Drilling Enforcement Action


This previous post went in-depth into the rather unusual Vantage Drilling Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement action and this post continues the analysis by highlighting additional issues to consider.


As highlighted here, in July 2015 (or shortly thereafter) Vantage Drilling voluntarily disclosed to the DOJ/SEC. Thus, from start to finish the company’s FCPA scrutiny lasted approximately 3.5 years. While this is below recent averages of approximately 4.5 years, it is still too long for FCPA scrutiny to last particularly since Vantage Drilling, in the words of the SEC:

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