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Judge Denies Hoskins’ Motion To Dismiss Based On Violations Of Speedy Trial Act Rights And Fifth And Sixth Amendment Rights


Previous posts here and here highlighted the motion to dismiss filed by Lawrence Hoskins (a U.K. national criminally charged with FCPA offenses in 2013) based on violations of his Speedy Trial Act rights and his Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights.

Earlier this week, Judge Janet Bond Arterton (D. Conn.) denied the motion to dismiss paving the way for Hoskins’ trial to begin on October 16th.

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From The Dockets

Judicial Decision

Updates in the FCPA prosecutions of Lawrence Hoskins and Frank Chatburn.


This previous post highlighted how Lawrence Hoskins (a U.K. national criminally charged with FCPA offenses in 2013) recently argued “enough is enough” as he seeks dismissal of the indictment based on violations of the Speedy Trial Act and his constitutional rights to a fair and speedy trial.

As reported here:

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“Enough Is Enough” As Hoskins Seeks Dismissal Of Indictment Based On Violations Of The Speedy Trial Act And His Constitutional Rights To A Fair And Speedy Trial


As highlighted in prior posts here, here and here, in August 2018 the Second Circuit rejected the DOJ’s expansive jurisdictional theory of prosecution while at the same time allowing the case to proceed on the factual issue of whether Lawrence Hoskins (a U.K. national) was “an agent of a domestic concern.”

Nearly a year has since passed and with trial less than two months away lawyers for Hoskins (led by Christopher Morvillo at Clifford Chance) recently filed this motion to dismiss. In pertinent part, the brief states:

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Judge Denies Firtash Motion To Dismiss And In Doing So Disagrees With Second Circuit’s Hoskins Decision

Judicial Decision

As highlighted in this prior post, in 2014 the DOJ criminally charged various individuals alleging a wide ranging conspiracy to bribe Indian officials to secure mining licenses. Among those charged was Dmitry Firtash, a high-profile Ukrainian businessman.

As highlighted in prior posts here and here, in May 2017 Firtash (and later a co-defendant Andras Knopp) filed motions to dismiss.

Recently, in this opinion U.S. District Court Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer denied the motion to dismiss and as highlighted below, in doing so, disagreed with the Second Circuit’s August 2018 decision in U.S. v. Hoskins (see here and here for prior posts).

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