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Oct. 12th Event Notice – “The FCPA Turns 40” At Texas A&M Law School In Fort Worth


Particularly for Texas readers, here is a link to an October 12th symposium at Texas A&M Law School in Ft. Worth (where I teach an FCPA class in addition to my “home” institution) titled “The FCPA Turns 40: An Assessment of FCPA Enforcement Policies and Procedures.”

The free event with CLE credit will include government speakers, professors, practitioners, and a keynote address by Jay Jorgensen (Executive Vice President, Global Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at Walmart).

Is Much Of FCPA Enforcement Even Consistent With The Rule Of Law?

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Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein delivered another dandy speech earlier this week that any college or professional student should read for career advice. More broadly – similar to Rosenstein’s speech highlighted last week – he again spoke about the rule of law.

Specifically, Rosenstein correctly noted: “The term ‘rule of law’ refers to the principle that the United States is governed by law and not arbitrary decisions of government officials. Rule of law systems are characterized by consistency and predictability.”

Yet actions speak louder than words and this post encourages you to think whether much of FCPA enforcement is even consistent with the rule of law principles highlighted above.

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Go Back To “School” At The FCPA Institute – Indianapolis (Sept. 28-29)

Featured Image FCPA Institute

Learning a new topic or elevating your knowledge and practical skills in a topic is not just for formal students in formal educational settings. Professionals in the workplace can also benefit from back to “school” moments.

For professionals in the FCPA space – or wishing to join the FCPA space – the FCPA Institute serves this objective and the next FCPA Institute will take place in Indianapolis on September 28-29, 2017.

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Event Notice – How AI Is Transforming Third Party Risk Management


Exiger, the exclusive sponsor of FCPA Professor daily posts, is hosting an event on Wednesday, September 13th at 12 ET titled: “How AI is Transforming Third Party Risk Management.”

As described in the event notice: “The growing complexity of third party relationships and the immediate regulatory and reputational risks of those third parties has procurement teams, compliance officers and legal departments wondering what to do. When and how should they do due diligence? At what cost to efficiency and the budget? Today’s expansive risk environment requires new ideas and new solutions. The world has fundamentally changed and the expectations are different.”

See here to register and for additional details.

Elevate Your FCPA Knowledge At The FCPA Institute – Indianapolis (Sept. 28-29)

Featured Image FCPA Institute

Could someone in your firm or organization benefit from a two-day, active learning experience devoted to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?

If so, please consider the FCPA Institute which is next making a stop in Indianapolis on September 28-29 and hosted by Quarles & Brady.

Since 2014, the FCPA Institute has elevated the FCPA knowledge and practical skills of over 100 diverse professionals through active learning and the below video introduces you to the FCPA Institute; how the FCPA Institute is different than other FCPA conferences; the substantive knowledge and practical skills participants will gain by attending the FCPA Institute; and what prior FCPA Institute “graduates” have said about their experience.

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