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FCPA Compliance At The Shot Show

Tomorrow the Shot Show opens in Las Vegas.  Sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (“NSSF”), the event made headlines two years ago when 21 of the 22 defendants charged in the Africa Sting case were arrested at the show (see here for the DOJ release).

In a previous post, I observed that the Africa Sting case drew the attention of an industry that probably had never thought much about FCPA compliance. Thus, regardless of the ultimate outcome of the cases, it has likely resulted in an industry and small and medium size enterprises thinking more proactively about FCPA compliance and risk assessment.

Pardon me from commenting on my own prediction, but it was on-target.

As noted in this NSSF release, companies exhibiting at the Shot Show this year can take a Global Anti-Corruption Course.  The release states as follows.  “If your company will be exhibiting at SHOT Show, now is a great time for you and your employees to learn how to steer clear of violating anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws when speaking with potential customers. The penalties for violating the FCPA are too great for you and your employees not to take the course or for your business not to have an FCPA compliance program.


As to the pending Africa Sting case, on Friday the jury began deliberating and a verdict is possible this week.  This is the second trial, the first trial ended in July when Judge Richard Leon declared a mistrial – see here for the previous post.

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