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Friday Roundup

Listening in, for the reading stack, and time served.  It’s all here in the Friday Roundup.

Listening In

This previous post [1] about the $75,000 FCPA enforcement action against Hyperdynamics highlighted that the company spent approximately $12.7 million in pre-enforcement action professional fees and expenses (a shocking 170:1 ratio).

In this recent investor conference call [2], company executives stated:

“The FCPA investigations restricted our available opportunities to raise capital and significantly increased our legal bills.


Speaking of legal fees I do want to address the fees we incurred during the FCPA investigation.  As you know, we spent $12 MM from inception to closure of that investigation.  We were unhappily aware that FCPA investigations can take years to conclude but that we only had until September 2016 because of the date for the conclusion of the concession.  We therefore determined that our only option was to do everything in our power to facilitate a resolution of the investigation, and ultimately were able to close the investigations in 20 months. This came at a very heavy legal cost to say the least, but again it was the best option we saw to move forward on the path to drilling the well.”

Dear Hyperdynamics executives and shareholders, you ought to be asking some serious questions about the extent of your pre-enforcement action professional fees and expenses.

To learn more how settlement amounts in an FCPA enforcement action are often only a relatively minor component of the overall financial consequences of FCPA scrutiny and enforcement, see here for “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Ripples.” [3]

Reading Stack

In 2015, the UC-Davis Law Review and Fordham Law Review both held events focused on bribery and corruption topics. The articles from those events were recently published and are available below.

UC-Davis Law Review

Fordham Law Review

Time Served

In 2013 [20] and 2014 [21] the DOJ brought FCPA and related charges against various individuals associated with broker dealer Direct Access Partners in connection with alleged improper payments to Maria Gonzalez (V.P. of Finance / Executive Manager of Finance and Funds Administration at Bandes, an alleged Venezuelan state-owned banking entity that acted as the financial agent of the state to finance economic development projects).

As recently noted here [22] by Reuters:

“Gonzalez “avoided prison time beyond the 16-1/2 months she already served after admitting that she accepted millions of dollars in bribes from a Wall Street brokerage to which she steered business. Maria de los Angeles Gonzalez de Hernandez, who was a senior official at Caracas-based Banco de Desarrollo Económico y Social de Venezuela, also known as Bandes, was further ordered by U.S. District Judge Denise Cote to forfeit the roughly $5 million she garnered from the scheme. Cote said she was “affected by the degree of remorse” Gonzalez showed in a statement she read to the court through an interpreter. “We’re enormously grateful for the court’s compassion and understanding,” said Jane Moscowitz, Gonzalez’s attorney, after the sentencing.”

Previously in connection with the same core action:


A good weekend to all.