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Set forth below are the topics discussed this week on FCPA Professor.

As highlighted here [1], in a recent FCPA enforcement action the DOJ alleged that a company that describes itself as a “private sector business” was nevertheless an “instrumentality” of a foreign government.

As highlighted in this post [2], the Panama Papers served as the origins of a recent individual FCPA enforcement action alleging bribery in the Aruban telecommunications sector.

The guest in this FCPA Flash podcast episode [3] is Adriaen Morse (among a small number of individuals who has experienced the FCPA from three different vantage points: SEC enforcement attorney, in-house counsel, and private practitioner). In the episode, Morse discusses his different FCPA vantage points including: (i) which job category of the three is the most difficult and why; and (ii) which job category of the three can best advance the objectives of the FCPA?

As discussed in this post [4], in guidance the FCPA enforcement agencies say that size matters and that more is expected from a large company when it comes to FCPA compliance compared to small to medium-sized companies. Yet, as highlighted in the post, does size actually matter?

As highlighted here [5], six years ago this week the New York Times published a front page story regarding alleged bribery in Mexico by Walmart and the post discusses what has happened since.

This post [6] rounds up other FCPA and related developments.

How much do you know about the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act? Let’s find out in this week’s [7] FCPA challenge.

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