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Corruption Alleged In Malta Healthcare Deal


In 2018, Steward Health Care System LLC (a¬†private hospital operator in the United States headquartered in Boston) “finalized a public-private partnership to deliver exceptional health care to the people of Malta. Steward, which is physician-led and the largest private hospital operator in the United States, is now the government of Malta’s health care partner and will run a number of public medical facilities in the country.” (See here). The public-private partnership “resulted from Steward’s purchase of Vitals Global Healthcare’s concessions to run facilities [in Malta] entrusted to it.”

As highlighted here, earlier this year a court in Malta struck down the prior deal granting management of various hospitals to Vitals Global Healthcare finding that fraud had been committed before the signing of the deal. As noted in the article, “Steward said in a statement that it strongly disagreed with the court’s decision that the hospitals should be restored to state control.”

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