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Deputy AG Monaco On Individual Accountability, Prior Misconduct, Monitors, And NPAs and DPAs (With Commentary)


Last week, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco delivered this speech as part of the ABA’s National Institute on White Collar Crime.

While the speech is generating a significant amount of attention, substantively the speech was largely a yawner and the policy changes articulated are marginal at best and elevate form over substance.

As has been highlighted several times on these pages, FCPA (and related) enforcement has long suffered from the following problem (nicely articulated by a practitioner in 1982):

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Additional Issues To Consider From The Goldman Enforcement Action


This prior post highlighted the net $1.66 billion Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement action against Goldman Sachs and a related entity.

This prior post posed the question, based on the government’s allegations, what should happen when compliance is decent (and often good), but not great? The prior post also highlighted how the Goldman enforcement action was much different than certain other top ten FCPA enforcement actions.

This prior post discussed various developments related to the Goldman FCPA enforcement action.

This post continues the analysis by highlighting additional issues to consider from the enforcement action.

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Regarding Monitors …


Some things written about the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and related topics in recent years are nothing short of bewildering. In certain instances, there seems to be little understanding of context and little regard for actual facts.

As highlighted below, a recent example is this recent Forbes article by Robert Anello (a lawyer at Morvillo Abramowitz Grand Iason & Anello) titled “Who Watches the Store? Drastic Decline of Corporate Monitors Under Trump.”

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Deficient FCPA Reporting

In this New York Times article, journalists once again demonstrate their deficient FCPA knowledge. In reference to Microsoft’s possible purchase of TikTok and the potential of the U.S. Treasury receiving a portion of the sale, the article states: “In essence, the president is promising to orchestrate the kind of pay-to-play bounty that the United States prohibits companies from making to governments of other countries under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.”

However, the FCPA does not prohibit business organizations from providing things of value to foreign governments – just foreign officials. As stated in the U.S. government FCPA Guidance “”The FCPA prohibits payments to foreign officials, not to foreign governments.”

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Friday Roundup


30 minute sentence, scrutiny alert, monitors, and silly. It’s all here in the Friday roundup.

30 Minute Sentence

As highlighted here, Larry Puckett, one of several individuals associated with Alstom who was criminally charged in connection with an Indonesian bribery scheme, was recently sentenced. Puckett pleaded guilty, cooperated with the DOJ for many years, and testified for the government at the 2019 Hoskins trial.

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