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Introducing FCPAnalytics


Data analytics is the process of examining raw data to draw informed conclusions to assist professionals in making more efficient and effective decisions.

Data analytics of course will not eliminate legal risk, in the FCPA context or otherwise.

However, informed use of data can help professionals manage and minimize FCPA risk, determine where to deploy resources, and otherwise navigate the contours of FCPA scrutiny and enforcement.

As stated by the DOJ’s compliance counsel: “strong compliance must be data driven” and FCPAnalytics (a new service to the FCPA and compliance community by FCPA Professor LLC offered through the FCPA Connect service) strives to do just that.

  • Where do FCPA enforcement actions arise?
  • How do FCPA enforcement actions arise?
  • What type of conduct do FCPA enforcement actions address?
  • What are the industry specific risk areas?
  • What are the specifics of FCPA settlements?

These are just a few of the many questions that FCPA compliance professionals need answers to in order to efficiently and effectively do their jobs.

Business organizations do not need a high-priced software program to find these answers and companies under FCPA scrutiny do not need its law firm to unleash associates to find the answers.

With FCPAnalytics, professionals can make efficient and informed decisions about FCPA issues guided by the numerous propriety statistics of FCPAnalytics.

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