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New, Best-In-Class Training Course Released

I am pleased to announce that I have partnered with Emtrain, an innovative compliance training company, and today we are releasing a new, best-in-class Global Anti-Bribery training course.

The approximate 60 minute online course features:

  • Executive and non-executive versions
  • The ability to configure the course with company-specific policies, videos, graphics, text, and employee hotline or reporting information
  • 20+ video clips to illustrate real-world business scenarios that present risk
  • An Enforcement Risk Spectrum that helps learners “issue spot” bribery and corruption risk
  • The ability to use video scenes outside the e-Learning experience in live training, discussion groups, or company emails and reminders
  • A compliance Learning Management System enabling an administrator to launch and track training efforts and generate audit-ready training reports showing time spent on each video, screen, policy, etc.
  • Upcoming availability in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, French, and other languages upon request

Old-school training that “tells” learners about the FCPA and other anti-bribery laws by presenting legal information and stock images on dozens of slides is not memorable or effective.

This Global Anti-Bribery course takes a different approach by showing high quality video scenes of real situations that learners will identify with and remember long after the training. The course engages learners on all levels from officers and directors, to business managers and employees, to business partners.

Business organizations will find unique value in this course.  It is comprehensive and interactive, and most importantly, provides a diverse range of learners with fundamental skills to identify risk in their specific job functions in order to pro-actively address it.

For additional information concerning the release of this course, see here.

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