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New Book – “The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act In A New Era”

New Era

New Era

I am pleased to announce publication of my book “The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in a New Era.”  The book dissects the FCPA’s new era and readers from the boardroom, to the courtroom, to the classroom will benefit from the nine chapters of the book which place the FCPA’s new era in context and provide a practical and provocative analysis of the FCPA, its enforcement, and related topics.

In dissecting the FCPA’s new era, readers will confront the FCPA’s statutory text, legislative history, judicial decisions and enforcement agency guidance.  In addition, over seventy FCPA enforcement actions are discussed and useful tables and charts concerning a variety of FCPA enforcement topics are included throughout the book.

The book places an emphasis on learning FCPA issues incrementally in the belief that foundational knowledge introduced early will best enhance understanding and comprehension of specific FCPA topics.

Candid and comprehensive, the book is the first of its kind as it injects innovative and provocative concepts to the study of the FCPA and its enforcement such as the “three buckets” of FCPA financial exposure, the many “ripples” of FCPA scrutiny and enforcement, “FCPA Inc. and the business of bribery” and the “offensive use” of the FCPA.”

Throughout the book, readers will assemble a pair of “FCPA goggles” and learn compliance pointers and risk-assessment strategies that can lessen the likelihood of FCPA violations from occurring when doing business in the global marketplace.  In this way, the book provides a toolkit that readers in a variety of professions can use to better understand the FCPA, its enforcement, and the many legal and policy issues present in this new era.

To order a hard copy of the book, see here and here; to order an e-copy of the book, see here and here.

For media coverage of the book including Q&A’s, see here from Corporate Counsel, here from Global Investigations Review, and here from Corporate Counsel Weekly.

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