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The Origins Of 2020 Corporate Enforcement Actions

This recent post [1] compared corporate FCPA enforcement actions in 2020 to prior years. However, before a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement action is announced, scrutiny must first arise.

This post highlights the origins of the 12 core corporate enforcement actions in 2020. (See here [2] for a similar post highlighting the origins of 2019 corporate enforcement actions; here [3] for 2018 corporate enforcement actions; here [4] for 2017 corporate enforcement actions and here [5] for 2016 corporate enforcement actions).

As highlighted in the post, like prior years, 2020 corporate enforcement actions originated in a variety of ways from voluntary disclosures, to pro-active government investigations, to foreign law enforcement investigations.

Voluntary Disclosures (4)

Pro-Active Government Investigation / Subpoena  (3)


Foreign Law Enforcement Investigation (4)

Unclear (1)

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