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These Are Interesting Times

The Daimler deferred prosecution agreement has trickled out (see here [1]).

Attachment D of the DPA concerns the Independent Corporate Monitor and states “in consultation with the Department, Daimler has proposed and the Department has approved Louis J. Freeh to serve as the Monitor.”

Louis J. Freeh (here [2]) is the Former Director of the FBI (1993-2001). He currently is a principal of Freeh Group International (see here [2]). Other principals in the Freeh Group include Stanley Sporkin, an individual who has held various positions during his distinguished career including Director of Enforcement at the SEC, and General Counsel to the CIA.

Freeh represented Saudi Prince Bandar, an individual at the center of the DOJ’s bribery, yet no bribery enforcement action against BAE. (See here [3] for an extended PBS Frontline interview of Freeh).


Stay tuned for an extensive post “Dissecting Daimler.” The amount of material in this case is now up 228 pages!