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UK Anti-Corruption Champion Appointed

As indicated in this U.K. Ministry of Justice release, Kenneth Clark has been appointed “as the United Kingdom’s new international anti-corruption champion.”

According to the release, Clark’s appointment “demonstrates the coalition government’s clear commitment to transparency and accountability and recognises the significant cost of international corruption to our economy.” The release further notes that Clark “will ensure the effective implementation of the Bribery Act 2010, legislation which will help to achieve the highest in international standards and demonstrates cross-party commitment to the fight against bribery.”

The U.K. Serious Fraud Office has been criticized in recent months for its lack of transparency in resolving corruption matters (see here for more) and many have questioned the U.K.’s commitment to effectively prosecute such cases in light of the BAE bribery, yet no bribery enforcement action (see here, here and here).

Yet with the U.K.’s new Bribery Act, a new era is set to begin.

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