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What Others Are Saying About The FCPA Institute

Featured Image FCPA Institute

A diverse group of professionals from around the world recently elevated their Foreign Corrupt Practices Act knowledge and skills by attending the inaugural FCPA Institute.

The FCPA Institute is a unique two-day learning experience that is materially different than other FCPA conferences.

At a typical FCPA conference, participants are a face in the crowd and information is conveyed in a disjointed fashion by dozens of speakers appearing on multiple panels with little opportunity for actual engagement by participants.

However, at the FCPA Institute information is presented in an integrated and cohesive manner by an expert instructor with FCPA practice and teaching experience.  Moreover, the FCPA Institute promotes active engagement by participants through issue-spotting video exercises, skills exercises, small-group discussions and the sharing of real-world practices and experiences. To best facilitate the unique learning experience that the FCPA Institute represents, attendance at each FCPA Institute is capped at 30 participants.

FCPA Institute participants have their knowledge assessed and can earn a certificate of completion upon passing a written assessment tool.  In this way, successful completion of the FCPA Institute represents a value-added credential for professional development for a diverse group of professionals such as in-house and outside counsel; finance, accounting and auditing professionals; and other compliance professionals seeking sophisticated knowledge and enhanced skills relevant to the FCPA.

You can elevate your FCPA knowledge and practical skills by attending the next FCPA Institute in Miami, Florida on January 12-13, 2015.  Space is limited and you can register here.

Set forth below is what participants at the inaugural FCPA Institute had to say about their experience.

  • “Unlike other FCPA conferences where one leaves with a spinning head and unanswered questions, I left the FCPA Institute with a firm understanding of the nuts and bolts of the FCPA, the ability to spot issues, and knowledge of where resources can be found that offer guidance in resolving an issue.  The limited class size of the FCPA Institute ensured that all questions were answered and the interactive discussion among other compliance professionals was fantastic.”  (Rob Foster, In-House Counsel, Oil and Gas Company)
  • “The FCPA Institute was a professionally enriching experience and substantially increased my understanding of the FCPA and its enforcement. Professor Koehler’s extensive insight and practical experience lends a unique view to analyzing enforcement actions and learning compliance best practices. I highly recommend the FCPA Institute to practitioners from all career stages.” (Sherbir Panag, MZM Legal, Mumbia, India)
  • “The FCPA Institute was a valuable course; well worth the investment.  The 2 day session course was well structured; led by a renowned expert, and I was very pleased with the small class size which allowed for dynamic discussions by the course participants of successes and challenges in complying with the requirements of the FCPA in today’s complex business environment.” (Global Compliance Executive, CPA, CIA for Manufacturing Company)
  • “The FCPA Institute provided an in-depth look into the various forces that have shaped, and that are shaping, FCPA enforcement.  The diverse group of participants provided unique insight into how, at a practical level, various professionals evaluate risk and deal with FCPA issues on a day-to-day basis.  The small group setting, the interactive nature of the event, and the skills assessment test all set the FCPA Institute apart from other FCPA conferences or panel-based events.” (John Turlais, Foley & Lardner)

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