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What Others Are Saying About The New Global Anti-Bribery And Corruption Training Course

Last week I announced, in partnership with Emtrain (an innovative compliance training company), the release of a new, best-in-class Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption Training course.

The interactive course engages learners at all levels and will elevate the FCPA learning experience for the business and compliance communities.

Don’t just take my word.

The following experienced FCPA compliance practitioners have taken the full course and here is what they say.

Tom Fox (author of the FCPA Compliance and Ethic blog) reviewed the course in this post and says:

“I had the opportunity to view the course and I can agree that it is certainly an excellent training course, which you should consider for use in your company’s ongoing compliance training and communication. As you would expect from the FCPA Professor, each slide is well documented and provides the basis for the training. However, the thing that I thought made the training stand out was the variety of techniques used throughout the course. […]  But the course is more than simply a recitation of what is required under the FCPA.  The thing that makes it stand out for me is the different types of training it employs to hold the listener’s attention.  […]  What I think makes the course unique and frankly enjoyable to watch, is that it has several interactive features. […]  So when the FCPA Professor says he has created a best in class FCPA training program, I heartily agree.”

Pat Sanjenis (Associate General Counsel Chief Privacy Officer & Investigative Counsel – Rockwell Automation) says:

“As chief investigative counsel for Rockwell Automation, I have investigated numerous alleged bribery schemes around the world and am intimately familiar with the FCPA and other country’s anti bribery laws. I have been involved in corporate wide anti-bribery training initiatives as part of our global ethics training and as stand-alone courses. I have previewed Emtrain’s course entitled Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption and I particularly liked the scenarios with the actors. This is an excellent course for both novices and the more experienced.”

Aaron Murphy (FCPA Lawyer and Author – Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: A Practical Resource for Managers and Executives) says:

“This is a great training tool packed with subtle, real-world scenarios that employees around the world will recognize from their own experiences. This kind of practical training engages and educates employees in a way that boring PowerPoint slides never can.”

For additional information concerning the release of this course, see here.

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