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A Look Back At 2015 FCPA Enforcement And Related Developments

2015 year in review

Each year, in addition to numerous posts published on FCPA Professor, I author a more comprehensive Foreign Corrupt Practices Act year in review / recent developments article that is published by a law review or journal.

This publication process typically moves at a snail’s pace, but just because the calendar says April doesn’t mean it is too late to learn about the top FCPA events and issues from the prior year.

The 2015 version of the FCPA year in review article is forthcoming in the Cleveland State Law Review and can be downloaded for free here.

Among the issues addressed in the article are the following:

A wide variety of FCPA enforcement statistics from 2015;

A comparison of enforcement statistics from 2015 to prior years;

Expansive and evolving FCPA enforcement theories in 2015;

Judicial scrutiny of FCPA and related enforcement theories in 2015;

Other policy pronouncements and developments relevant to FCPA issues in 2015; and

Other developments beyond the FCPA in 2015 that nevertheless touch upon FCPA issues or are otherwise relevant to a similar space.

Combine the 2015 year in review article with the ones below and you will have an extensive collection of FCPA statistics, trends, and analysis over time.

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