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FCPA Connect

FCPA Connect is an expert consulting service that offers a range of services to legal, business, and other professional communities in a candid, comprehensive, and cost-effective manner.

FCPA Connect is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice directly to clients. Rather, through FCPA Connect Professor Koehler provides expert consulting services to lawyers, in-house and compliance counsel, and other professionals seeking reliable information about the FCPA, FCPA enforcement, FCPA compliance and related issues. FCPA Connect thus assists other professionals achieve client and business objectives in a more efficient and effective manner.

Below is a brief description of some of the services offered through FCPA Connect. To learn more contact

Expert Engagements

Professor Koehler has been involved as an expert in many recent FCPA enforcement actions as well as civil litigation or arbitration matters in which FCPA topics arise. Professor Koehler's FCPA expertise and experience informed by a decade of FCPA practice experience at a leading international law firm during which he conducted FCPA investigations around the world, negotiated resolutions to FCPA enforcement actions with government enforcement agencies, and advised clients on FCPA compliance and risk assessment.

Professor Koehler has also analyzed the FCPA’s entire legislative history, every FCPA enforcement action, every FCPA judicial decision, and other information and sources of guidance relevant to the modern era of FCPA enforcement.



Data analytics is the process of examining raw data to draw informed conclusions to assist professionals in making more informed decisions. As stated by the DOJ's compliance counsel: "strong compliance must be data driven" and FCPAnalytics strives to do just that.

Where do FCPA enforcement actions arise? How do FCPA enforcement actions arise? What type of conduct do FCPA enforcement actions address? What are the specifics of FCPA settlements?

With FCPAnalytics, professionals such as counsel negotiating resolutions to enforcement actions or compliance personnel engaged in risk assessment and compliance can make efficient and informed decisions guided by Professor Koehler's numerous propriety statistics.


Risk Retreat

A key element of FCPA compliance is tailoring policies and procedures to a company's unique FCPA risk profile.An efficient and effective way for business leaders to identify FCPA risk is through a risk retreat during which all key personnel are physically present, engaged, and focused on one thing: how best to manage and minimize the organization's FCPA and related risk.

Professor Koehler is experienced in risk assessment and the realities of the global marketplace, and can assist business organizations by facilitating a risk retreat.


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