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FCPA Defendant Wants To Know More About His Alleged Bribery

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As highlighted here, in September 2020 the DOJ announced that Javier Aguilar (a former employee of Vitol Inc.) was criminally charged for “his alleged participation in a five-year international bribery and money laundering scheme involving corrupt payments to Ecuadorian officials.” (In December 2020, Vitol resolved a net $90 million Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement action for conduct in Brazil, Ecuador and Mexico – see here).

In November 2020, Aguilar filed a motion for a bill of particulars. Generally speaking, a bill of particulars is a request by a criminal defendant for more detailed information about the criminal charges beyond those alleged in the actual charging document. As highlighted here, the judge denied the motion.

Aguilar recently filed a motion for a Second Bill of Particular which states in summary fashion:

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