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The recent enforcement action against Novartis (the second time the company has resolved an Foreign Corrupt Practices Act matter) concerned, in part, a clinical trial.

According to the DOJ’s information, the “clinical trial scheme” involved Novartis Greece making “improper payments to HCPs [healthcare professionals] related to an epidemiological study intended to increase sales of certain Novartis-branded prescription drugs.” According to the information, Novartis Greece “falsely recorded these payments … as advertising and promotion expenses in Novartis Greece’s internal accounting records.”

The SEC’s administrative order further found: “Novartis Korea employees in the neuroscience business unit devised a local non-interventional clinical study with 17 pre-selected HCPs to improve relationships with those HCPs. The study was organized in May 2013 through a local medical journal with Novartis Korea providing the list of HCPs to participate and the $100,000 funding necessary to complete the study. Novartis Korea recorded the funding to complete the study as advertising expenses and failed to have the study reviewed and approved by medical affairs as required by internal procedures.”

As highlighted below, prior to the Novartis enforcement action several other FCPA enforcement actions also referenced clinical trials.

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