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Former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide Implicated In Haiti Teleco Cases

Besides the manufactured (and now former) Africa Sting cases, the Haiti Teleco related enforcement actions are the largest in FCPA history in terms of individual defendants – 13.   Another individual has been mentioned in connection with the case, and a high-profile individual at that.

Jean-Bertrand Aristide served two stints as Haiti’s President, most recently between 2001-2004.  According to this article over the weekend in the Miami Herald, Aristide is believed to be “Official B” in the second superseding indictment (here) filed in January 2012 against various defendants.  The indictment states that “from in or around 2011 to in or around 2004, Official B was an official in the executive branch of the Haitian Government.”  According to the article, Aristide allegedly pocketed “millions of dollars in bribes from Miami businesses that brokered long-distance phone deals” with Haiti Teleco.

Aristide’s lawyer, Ira Kurzban (here), is quoted in the article as follows.  “I view this as part of the same smear campaign that the United States has orchestrated against Aristide since he was first elected in 1990.”


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