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Supreme Court To Hear Another SEC Disgorgement Case


As highlighted in this previous post, in 2017 the Supreme Court unanimously bench slapped the SEC in Kokesh v. SEC and held that disgorgement “in the securities-enforcement context is a ‘penalty’ within the meaning of [28 U.S.C.] 2462 and so disgorgement actions must be commenced within five years of the date the claim accrues.”

It was noted that while Kokesh was not an FCPA case, the decision was FCPA relevant given that disgorgement has become the dominant remedy sought by the SEC in corporate FCPA enforcement actions.

In covering the Kokesh decision, this prior post highlighted how a footnote in the Supreme Court’s decision seemed to be inviting another disgorgement case. Specifically, footnote 3 of the decision stated:

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SEC Injunctions: A New Standard?


Several Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement actions brought by the SEC have included an “obey-the-law” injunction as a condition of settlement. In the below guest post, Thomas Gorman (Dorsey & Whitney) discusses a recent Third Circuit opinion challenging the imposition of such an injunction.

The post originally appeared on Gorman’s informative SEC Actions blog and is reproduced below with permission.

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Issues To Consider From The Walmart Enforcement Action


This prior post went in-depth into the long-awaited Walmart Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement action in which the company agreed to pay the DOJ/SEC approximately $283 million. This post highlights additional issues to consider from the enforcement action.


Walmart was under FCPA scrutiny since approximately mid-2011. Thus, from start to finish its FCPA scrutiny lasted an unconscionable approximate 8 years. There is simply no excuse for this and the DOJ/SEC have long-recognized the issues associated with long-drawn out investigations.

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Friday Roundup


Banking bar, Kokesh related, OECD shaming, quotable, downfall, and listening in. It’s all here in the FCPA roundup.

Banking Bar

The Federal Reserve recently announced “that it is prohibiting Tim Leissner and Ng Chong Hwa, also known as Roger Ng, from the banking industry for their participation in a scheme to illegally divert billions of dollars from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund. Leissner was also fined $1.42 million and consented to the permanent ban.”

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Issues To Consider From The Vantage Drilling Enforcement Action


This previous post went in-depth into the rather unusual Vantage Drilling Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement action and this post continues the analysis by highlighting additional issues to consider.


As highlighted here, in July 2015 (or shortly thereafter) Vantage Drilling voluntarily disclosed to the DOJ/SEC. Thus, from start to finish the company’s FCPA scrutiny lasted approximately 3.5 years. While this is below recent averages of approximately 4.5 years, it is still too long for FCPA scrutiny to last particularly since Vantage Drilling, in the words of the SEC:

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