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Deputy AG Rosenstein On ….


Recently outgoing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein delivered this speech to a university audience. Like many of Rosenstein’s prior speeches highlighted on these pages, the speech was a pleasure to read for its general advice.

For instance, Rosenstein stated: “Today, you are relentlessly bombarded with information, much of it of unknown reliability. The internet lets people share their most ignorant thoughts. Many news stories rely on anonymous sources, without providing details to assess their credibility and bias. Some critics worry that our society will be unable to distinguish fact from opinion, and truth from fiction.”

Perhaps Rosenstein was talking about certain FCPA commentary? (See here, here and here for instance).

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Is Much Of FCPA Enforcement Even Consistent With The Rule Of Law?

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Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein delivered another dandy speech earlier this week that any college or professional student should read for career advice. More broadly – similar to Rosenstein’s speech highlighted last week – he again spoke about the rule of law.

Specifically, Rosenstein correctly noted: “The term ‘rule of law’ refers to the principle that the United States is governed by law and not arbitrary decisions of government officials. Rule of law systems are characterized by consistency and predictability.”

Yet actions speak louder than words and this post encourages you to think whether much of FCPA enforcement is even consistent with the rule of law principles highlighted above.

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