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Friday Roundup


Scratch that trial, scrutiny alert, affirmed, follow-up, Braskem-related, and across the pond. It’s all here in the Friday roundup.

Scratch That Trial

One of the FCPA trials scheduled this Fall (see here for the prior post) involved Frank Chatburn. As highlighted here, in April 2018 Frank Roberto Chatburn Ripalda (a dual United States and Ecuadorian citizen) was criminally charged for conspiring with others for making corrupt payments to PetroEcuador officials in order to obtain and retain contracts for Galileo (described as an Ecuadorian company that provided services in the oil and gas industry) from PetroEcuador.

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Issues To Consider From The Westport Fuel Systems Enforcement Action


This prior post highlighted the SEC’s recent $4 million Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement action against Westport Fuel Systems and a former executive officer (Nancy Gougarty). This post continues the analysis by highlighting additional issues to consider.

Just the Third

Westport Fuel Systems is a Canadian company with shares listed on a U.S. exchange. The enforcement action is believed to be just the third enforcement action in the FCPA’s 40+ year history against a Canadian company. The first enforcement action against a Canadian company was Nordion (2016 – see here and here for prior posts). The second enforcement action against a Canadian company was Kinross Gold (2018 – see here and here for prior posts).

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Westport Fuel Systems Resolves $4 Million FCPA Enforcement Action Based On Transfer Of Shares To A Private Equity Fund In Which A Chinese Official Held An Interest – Former CEO Also Resolves Action


In the third corporate Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is less than 24 hours, the SEC announced this afternoon that Westport Fuel Systems (a Canadian company with shares traded on NASDAQ) agreed to pay approximately $4 million for “paying bribes to a foreign government official in China.”

In addition, in connection with the same core conduct, Nancy Gougarty (a U.S. citizen who previously served as Chief Operating Officer and from mid-2016 until early 2019 as the CEO and member of the board of directors) agreed to pay a $120,000 civil penalty.

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