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Observations From The OECD’s Phase 4 U.S. Review Report


Recently, the OECD released its Phase 4 review of the United State’s implementation of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention … in effect a review of the FCPA, its enforcement, and related issues.

The first question one needs to ask themselves is whether they care what “experts from Argentina and the United Kingdom” (as stated by the OECD “the report and its recommendations reflect the findings of experts from Argentina and the United Kingdom”) think about the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, U.S. law enforcement (DOJ and SEC) policies and practices, and U.S. jurisprudence.

In any event, the Phase 4 Report “explores issues such as detection, enforcement, corporate liability, and international cooperation, as well as covering unresolved issues from prior reports.” (See here for a 2010 post summarizing the OECD’s Phase 3 review).

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The Yates Memo – 5 Years Later


As highlighted in this prior post, in September 2015 then DOJ Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates delivered this speech and released this memo titled “Individual Accountability for Corporate Wrongdoing. (See here for the video of the speech). Like prior DOJ policy memos, the memo took the name of the author and quickly became known as the “Yates Memo.”

The Yates Memo attracted substantial press, particularly the portion of the memo and associated speech that focused on individual liability for alleged corporate wrongdoing. (For instance, this post highlighted what others were saying about the Yates Memo).

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