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Criminal Division Assistant AG Benczkowski To Depart DOJ


Yesterday, the DOJ announced that Brian Benczkowski (Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Division) will leave the DOJ next month.

According to the DOJ’s release: “Throughout Benczkowski’s tenure, the division has announced an array of policies and guidance geared towards promoting transparency in white-collar enforcement, including: (1) the division’s “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Program” Guidance, (2) the division’s Monitorship Memo, (3) the Department’s Inability to Pay Guidance, (4) revisions to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Corporate Enforcement Policy (CEP), and (5) the FCPA Unit’s publication of CEP declination letters online.  Driving these efforts has been the view that greater transparency in how prosecutors apply standards and criteria to cases will make investigations more efficient and outcomes fairer and more consistent.”

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The DOJ release further states:

“During Benczkowski’s tenure as Assistant Attorney General, the Criminal Division has placed a renewed emphasis on exploring the use of data analytics in targeting for criminal investigations and prosecutions.  The division has expanded its in-house data analytics support team and made critical investments in data analytics to help ensure that prosecutors are fully leveraging the use of data and statistics to build cases.”

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