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FCPA Institute Online


Since 2014, the two day in-person FCPA Institute has elevated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act knowledge and practical skills of hundreds of professionals from around the world at leading companies and firms. Due to demand for FCPA knowledge and practical skills, the FCPA Institute is now available online and represents the most comprehensive online training resource available. 

The FCPA Institute Online thus represents a time and cost efficient way for in-house and outside counsel; compliance professionals; finance, accounting, and auditing professionals; business executives and others to elevate their FCPA knowledge and practical skills. The FCPA Institute Online consists of over 12 hours of narrated instruction from Professor Koehler (as well as availability to answer questions) and guides professionals at their own pace through the following FCPA topics in an integrated and cohesive manner.

  • Why the FCPA became a law and what it seeks to accomplish;
  • How business organizations often become the subject of FCPA scrutiny and various realities of the global marketplace that often serve as root causes of FCPA scrutiny and enforcement;
  • A comprehensive understanding of the FCPA’s anti-bribery provisions and books and records and internal controls provisions including related enforcement theories;
  • The typical origins of FCPA scrutiny and enforcement including the prominence of corporate voluntary disclosures;
  • Facts and figures relevant to corporate and individual FCPA enforcement including how corporate settlement amounts are calculated and how DOJ and SEC enforcement policies and resolution vehicles impact FCPA enforcement;
  • Various practical reasons, as well as certain provocative reasons, for the general increase in FCPA enforcement in the modern era;
  • How settlement amounts in an actual FCPA enforcement action are often only a relatively minor component of the overall financial consequences that can result from FCPA scrutiny or enforcement because of the FCPA’s many other “ripples.”

In addition to the above substantive knowledge, the FCPA Institute Online develops in-demand, practical skills to best minimize risk through:

  • FCPA issue-spotting video exercises along with model answers;
  • Discussion of risk management strategies in a variety of areas such as gifts, travel and entertainment, and internship and hiring practices;
  • Discussion of risk management strategies relevant to third parties including pre-engagement, engagement, and post-engagement best practices;
  • Learning the fundamentals of conducting an FCPA risk assessment;
  • Learning how to effectively communicate FCPA compliance expectations; and
  • Learning FCPA compliance best practices in terms of structural organization, implementation, and monitoring including oversight responsibility and resources, internal reporting and investigation, and periodic assessment and continuous improvement.

At the end of the FCPA Institute Online, participants can elect to have their knowledge assessed and can earn a certificate of completion upon passing a written assessment tool. In this way, successful completion of the FCPA Institute Online represents a value-added credential for professional development. It is suggested that the FCPA Institute Online should be viewed in the following order:

  • The Story of the FCPA (40 minutes)
  • The Root Causes of FCPA Scrutiny and Enforcement (40 minutes)
  • The Anti-Bribery Provisions and Related Compliance Tips (3 hours and 30 minutes)
  • The Books and Records and Internal Controls Provisions and Related Compliance Tips (3 hours and 20 minutes)
  • FCPA Enforcement(2 hours and 30 minutes)
  • FCPA Ripples (1 hour and 10 minutes)

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