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FCPA Institute – Zoom (May 16-18)

FCPA Institute - Zoom

Since 2014, the FCPA Institute has elevated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act knowledge and practical skills of professionals from around the world.

The inaugural FCPA Institute – Zoom was offered in November 2020 to a worldwide audience and several additional Zoom events have followed. The next FCPA Institute – Zoom will be offered on May 16-18.

The FCPA Institute – Zoom will consist of 9 hours of integrated and cohesive instruction (each day from 9 a.m. – noon central) led by Professor Koehler, an FCPA expert with FCPA practice and teaching experience.

FCPA Institute – Zoom participants will encounter FCPA authority and other sources of information that define the modern era of FCPA enforcement and will gain knowledge of the following topics among others:

  • How business organizations often become the subject of FCPA scrutiny and various realities of the global marketplace that often serve as root causes of FCPA scrutiny and enforcement;
  • A comprehensive understanding of the FCPA’s anti-bribery provisions and books and records and internal controls provisions including related enforcement theories;
  • Facts and figures relevant to corporate and individual FCPA enforcement actions including how corporate settlement amounts are calculated and how DOJ and SEC enforcement policies and resolution vehicles impact FCPA enforcement; and
  • How settlement amounts in an actual FCPA enforcement action are often only a relatively minor component of the overall financial consequences that can result from FCPA scrutiny or enforcement because of the FCPA’s many other “ripples.”

In addition to the above substantive knowledge, FCPA Institute – Zoom participants will gain in-demand, practical skills to best manage and minimize FCPA risk by:

  • Learning FCPA compliance best practices in a variety of areas such as gifts, travel and entertainment, and internship and hiring practices;
  • Learning FCPA compliance best practices relevant to third parties including pre-engagement, engagement, and post-engagement best practices;
  • Learning FCPA compliance best practices in terms of communication, structural organization, implementation, and monitoring including oversight responsibility and resources, internal reporting and investigation, and periodic assessment and continuous improvement.

The FCPA Institute – Zoom presents the FCPA not merely as a legal issue, but more properly as a business and financial issue that needs to be on the radar of various professionals. The FCPA Institute – Zoom is thus ideal for a diverse group of professionals such as in-house and outside counsel; compliance professionals; finance, accounting, and auditing professionals; business executives and others seeking sophisticated FCPA knowledge and practical skills.

At the end of the FCPA Institute – Zoom, participants can elect to have their knowledge assessed and can earn a certificate of completion upon passing a written assessment tool.  In this way, successful completion of the FCPA Institute represents a value-added credential for professional development.

The cost to attend the FCPA Institute – Zoom is $595 per person.  Group pricing is available and discounted rates are available for government and civil society participants.  For pricing or any other questions regarding the FCPA Institute – Zoom, please e-mail

Click here to register for the FCPA Institute – Zoom.

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