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FCPA Professor Video Tutorials


FCPA Professor has an ever-expanding library of engaging and visually stimulating video tutorials narrated by Professor Koehler designed to help individuals elevate their FCPA knowledge.

This tutorial contains a detailed overview of all 2016 corporate FCPA enforcement actions, notable enforcement statistics, and various practical and provocative issues to consider from recent FCPA enforcement activity. The video further highlights various compliance take-away points from recent FCPA enforcement actions and provides an overview of FCPA enforcement policy developments.

This tutorial tells the story of the FCPA largely through the original voices of actual participants who shaped the pioneering law.

This tutorial highlights the real-world conditions and dynamics which often prompt FCPA scrutiny. Understanding the root causes of FCPA scrutiny also serves an important compliance objective in that a key component of FCPA best practices is conducting a risk assessment (i.e. understanding points of contact with “foreign officials”) and prioritizing compliance to specific FCPA risks.

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