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FCPA Repeat Offenders


As highlighted in this post, over 20 companies have resolved FCPA enforcement actions – not once – but twice – with one company resolving FCPA enforcement actions three times.

Note: this post uses the term repeat offender to mean a business organization that has resolved more than one FCPA enforcement action regardless of which agency (DOJ or SEC) brought the enforcement action; regardless of the form of resolution (plea agreement, NPA, DPA, administrative order, etc.) and regardless of whether the charges or findings were anti-bribery violations or books and records and internal controls violations in connection with foreign bribery issues. This post does not include instances in which a company resolved an enforcement action concerning foreign bribery and then resolved an action implicating the books and records and internal controls in a so-called non-FCPA FCPA enforcement action. (See here and here for examples). Nor does it include instances in which there was a time gap between a DOJ enforcement action and an SEC enforcement action based on the same core conduct (for instance Las Vegas Sands and Beam).

Three Time Offenders


Two Time Offenders




Credit Suisse

Deutsche Bank












General Electric

Lucent / Alcatel-Lucent

Aibel Group / Vetco Gray

Baker Hughes

The number of FCPA repeat offenders calls into question whether the FCPA has been successful in achieving its objectives. (See here for the article). But then again, there are two ways to view corporate FCPA repeat offenders. (See here).

Of note, several instances of corporate FCPA repeat offenders involve companies whose first FCPA enforcement action (as well as second) was resolved via an NPA or DPA. For many years the DOJ has advanced the policy position that DPAs (and NPAs) “have had a truly transformative effect on particular companies and, more generally, on corporate culture across the globe.” (See here for the prior post). Specifically in the FCPA context, the DOJ stated that “the companies against which DPAs and NPAs have been brought have often undergone dramatic changes.” (See here for the prior post).

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