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There Is No FCPA News Today


Really, there isn’t!

There is nothing in the FCPA space today particularly newsworthy warranting your attention. Sure, I could have drawn compliance lessons from the sun rising this morning or discussed the lessons learned from being a head Varsity boys basketball coach for two years now and related that to compliance (there are clear parallels), or even the lessons I’ve learned over the past two weeks raising six baby chickens and some how relating it to the Tyson Foods FCPA enforcement action.

But who really cares!

I have written about the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or related topics on a near daily basis for approximately 12 years now. Thus, days like today are inevitable. To be sure, I was on the brink of publishing a post like this a few other times, but then something happened. However, not today.

Seriously, despite running an FCPA website on a daily basis, I sometimes wonder whether daily FCPA content is a good thing. Just like I wonder whether 24-7 news is a good thing. Well, actually I don’t wonder about that, I have a clear answer on that one.

In any event, something FCPA newsworthy might happen today, so please check back tomorrow.

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