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Recent DOJ Statements At Issue In Carson “Foreign Official” Challenge

On Tuesday, Nathaniel Edmonds (Assistant Chief, DOJ Fraud Section who is specifically involved in the Carson “foreign official” challenge) participated in a webcast sponsored by the Conference Board titled “Enforcement of The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: A Dialogue with Regulators” (see here).

According to a May 4th article authored by Christopher Matthews and published on the Just Anti-Corruption page of the website Main Justice, during the webcast Edmonds “warned defendants facing charges under the foreign bribery law against contesting that definition.”

The article states as follows.

[“It’s not necessarily the wisest move for a company,” Assistant Chief Nathaniel Edmonds said Tuesday during a webcast on the FCPA sponsored by The Conference Board. Edmonds reiterated the Justice Department’s belief that employees of state-owned or controlled companies can be considered foreign officials under the FCPA, which prohibits bribes to foreign officials to obtain or retain business. “Quibbling over the percentage ownership or control of a company is not going to be particularly helpful as a defense,” Edmonds said.]

Yesterday, in a supplement to its reply brief (here) the Carson defendants brought the article to the attention of the court and stated as follows.

“Defendants respectfully submit that Mr. Edmonds’ comments supplement at
least two important points made in Defendants’ Motion and Reply. First, there is a reason the Government’s maximalist position on the definition of “foreign official” has avoided serious judicial scrutiny for so long, and the reason is that individuals and companies are reluctant to challenge the Government’s interpretation for fear of the consequences. Second, the Government does not have a definition of “instrumentality” that can withstand judicial scrutiny because, among other things, it is unable to say what would make one state-owned enterprise, but not another, an “instrumentality” under the FCPA.”

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