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A Roundup Of FCPA Or Related Articles About COVID-19


This recent post discussed how the COVID-19 crisis (and potential Foreign Corrupt Practices Act implications as a result of the crisis) once again demonstrates the difference between the FCPA (the statute as written by Congress and interpreted by courts) and the FCPA as enforced by the DOJ and/or SEC.

This post rounds up other FCPA or related articles regarding COVID-19.

Addressing Anti-Corruption Risks From the Coronavirus (March 4th)

Coronavirus’s Spread Could Complicate Corporate Anti-Bribery Efforts (March 6th)

COVID-19 Anti-Corruption Considerations (March 13)

COVID-19 and the Trade, Anti-Corruption and Human Rights Compliance Risks it Poses to Your Supply Chain (March 16)

There is no Covid-19 defense to corruption (March 18)

Corruption and the Coronavirus (March 18)

COVID-19 & Anti-Corruption Compliance: A test for compliance culture & training (March 19)


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