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The FCPA Institute – Elevated Learning

FCPA Institute

FCPA InstituteI am pleased to announce the inaugural FCPA Institute to be held July 16-17th in Milwaukee, WI.

The FCPA Institute is a unique two-day learning experience ideal for a diverse group of professionals seeking to elevate their FCPA knowledge and practical skills.

At a typical FCPA conference, participants are a face in the crowd and information is conveyed in a disjointed fashion by dozens of speakers appearing on multiple panels with little opportunity for actual engagement.  The FCPA Institute is offered as a refreshing and cost-effective alternative to a typical FCPA conference.

The goal of the FCPA Institute is simple:  to develop and enhance fundamental skills relevant to the FCPA and FCPA compliance in a stimulating and professional environment with a focus on learning.  Information at the FCPA Institute is presented in an integrated and cohesive way by an expert instructor with FCPA practice and teaching experience.

In short, the FCPA Institute elevates the FCPA learning experience for a diverse group of professionals such as in-house and outside counsel; compliance professionals; financial and auditing professionals; and others seeking sophisticated knowledge and enhanced skills relevant to the FCPA.

The FCPA Institute places an emphasis on learning FCPA issues incrementally in the belief that foundational knowledge will best enhance understanding and comprehension of specific FCPA topics.  FCPA Institute participants will encounter FCPA legal authority and other non-legal sources of information that define this new era of FCPA enforcement as well as practice FCPA issue-spotting, receive instruction on how to conduct an FCPA risk assessment, and learn of FCPA compliance best practices.

To best facilitate the unique learning experience that the FCPA Institute represents, attendance at each FCPA Institute is capped at 30 participants.  At the end of the FCPA Institute, participants will have their knowledge assessed and upon successful completion of a written assessment tool can earn a certificate of completion.  In this way, successful completion of the FCPA Institute represents a value-added credential for professional development.

To learn more about the FCPA Institute and to register, please see here.

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