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The Use Of Gaming To Make FCPA Training Memorable And Thus More Effective


An essential component of FCPA compliance best practices is, of course, training employees and agents on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and similar laws.

However, not all FCPA training is effective.

To be effective, FCPA training needs to engage learners. Not so much on the nuances of the law (indeed as highlighted in this previous post such a goal is likely counterproductive and increases, not decreases, organizational risk), but rather on how to spot risk in their specific job function.

The way to engage learners is not through old-school training that “tells” learners about the FCPA by presenting legal information in powerpoint slides.  This is not memorable and thus not effective.

To create memorable – and thus effective – FCPA training, organizations need to engage employees and agents through active learning such as issue-spotting exercises presented through high-quality videos, gaming aspects, and other memorable active learning exercises.

The Global Anti-Bribery course I created in partnership with Emtrain (an innovative compliance training company) does just that.

In this post, I highlight various of the visual and gaming aspects in the on-line course that has become the preferred FCPA training solution for companies across a variety of industry sectors.

For starters, the course introduces FCPA topics through numerous high-quality video scenes of actors involved in real-world conduct inspired by actual FCPA enforcement actions or instances of FCPA scrutiny.

For instance, in the below screenshot from a course video, two energetic company employees are planning a customer conference in connection with a new product launch.

Customer Conference






The employees think they are just doing their jobs, but could their conduct expose the company to FCPA scrutiny?  After watching the scene, learners will find out.

Learners in the course also accumulate substantive knowledge through the use of interactive “mouse-overs.” For instance, in the below screen shot regarding “anything of value,” learners “mouse-over” key factors relevant to the statutory term to increase their knowledge, comprehension, and most importantly issue-spotting abilities.

Mouse Over








Throughout the 60 minute on-line course, learners also have the ability to assess their knowledge by placing real-world conduct along an enforcement risk spectrum as depicted in the below screen shot.

Risk Spectrum







In short, the active learning and gaming aspects of the Global Anti-Bribery course engages learners and thus makes compliance training memorable and thus more effective.  Other features of the course include:

  • Executive and non-executive versions
  • The ability to configure the course with company-specific policies, videos, graphics, text, and employee hotline or reporting information
  • The ability to use video scenes outside the e-Learning experience in live training, discussion groups, or company emails and reminders
  • A compliance Learning Management System, enabling an administrator to launch and track training efforts and generate audit-ready training reports showing time spent on each video, screen, policy, etc.
  • Available in the following languages:  Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (simplified), Japanese, French, and Russian

To learn more about the course and its active learning and gaming aspects, click on the below button.


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