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Welcome To The New FCPA Professor

Welcome to the new location of FCPA Professor.

All future posts will be located at this site, so please bookmark it, subscribe to the RSS feed, and share this new location with your professional contacts interested in the FCPA and related topics.

This new site is a much more comprehensive website compared to FCPA Professor’s prior location. Please take a few moments to explore the site. Suggestions for additional improvement of FCPA Professor are welcome.

The “Home” page will contain the daily posts and you have the capability to comment on posts, e-mail posts, like and share posts via Facebook, and tweet away.

The “About” page describes FCPA Professor, my background, allows readers to contact me, and contains other information.

The “FCPA 101” page has been a goal of mine for some time. It is a comprehensive overview in Q&A format of the FCPA and FCPA enforcement topics. Not all readers of FCPA Professor are familiar with the FCPA or how the FCPA is enforced and while the Q&A’s do not address every issue that may arise under the FCPA, the Q&A’s are designed to provide useful information for readers of all backgrounds.

FCPA Professor is certainly not the only website focused on the FCPA and related topics. The “Resource Center” page is designed to be a one-stop shop for readers interested in visiting other websites hosted by enforcement agencies, law firms, and others to learn more about the FCPA and related topics.

The “Search” page is also a significant enhancement. It allows readers to browse numerous subject matter categories and search prior postings by month or year.

Many thanks to my Butler University colleague Professor Jason Davidson, as well as Butler University students Sandy Meers and Tommy Noe for assisting in the re-launch of FCPA Professor.

Thank you for making FCPA Professor a part of your day and I hope your reading experience will be enhanced through the new features on this site.

Year 3 of FCPA Professor will begin on Monday with a regular post.

A good weekend to all.

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