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A few podcast episodes recommendations to pass along.

This episode of Kickback features Nicola Bonucci. Currently a partner in the Paris office of Paul Hastings, Bonucci previously served as the Director for Legal Affairs for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In the podcast, Bonucci discusses among other topics: the origins of the OECD Convention; potential weaknesses in the OECD Convention; and whether signatories to the OECD Convention should expand.

This episode of In House Warrior features Richard Grime (Gibson Dunn and former FCPA enforcement attorney at the SEC). During the podcast, Grime discusses FCPA trends.

This episode of In House Warrior features Billy Jacobson (Allen & Overy and former Assistant Chief of FCPA Enforcement at the DOJ). During the podcast, Jacobson discusses a number of FCPA and related topics.

[Note: the suggestions in the Grime and Jacobson episodes that everyone predicted a slowdown of FCPA enforcement in the Trump administration is not true. See prior posts here and here]




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