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Year 4 And A New Chapter

FCPA Professor began three years ago today with this simple mission statement.

FCPA Professor seeks to inject a much needed scholarly voice into FCPA issues. Thus, in addition to covering the ‘who, what, and where’ of FCPA enforcement actions, news, and legislative initiatives, FCPA Professor will also explore the more analytical ‘why’ questions increasingly present in this current era of aggressive FCPA enforcement. The goal of FCPA Professor is thus to foster a forum for critical analysis and discussion of the FCPA (and related topics) among FCPA practitioners, business and compliance professionals, scholars and students, and other interested persons.

Year 4 of FCPA Professor begins today, the mission remains the same, and I am pleased to announce the following improvements to the website.

For starters, FCPA Professor is now complimented by this Youtube channel (featuring video content regarding the FCPA and related topics) as well as this Twitter account.

The FCPA 101 feature of the website (here) has been enhanced and now includes 25 Q&As.

The resource section of the website (here) has also been enhanced and now includes over 30 links to FCPA related websites and information to help keep you informed in addition to your daily visits to FCPA Professor.

I recently completed a re-tagging of all posts so that the search feature of the website (here) now includes approximately 625 subject matter categories to assist in your research needs.

And don’t forget about FCPA Professor’s jobs page (here) where employers seeking FCPA talent can connect with FCPA Professor’s sophisticated world-wide readers.

Thank you for making FCPA Professor a part of your day.  I value your readership and welcome your comments for how to make the site even better.  FCPA Professor is read by a diverse group of world-wide readers and I encourage you to make your voice heard on this forum with a guest post.

I am also pleased to share a new chapter for me.  I remain a dog, only a different breed.  After three wonderful years as a Bulldog, as an Assistant Professor of Business Law in the College of Business at Butler University, I am pleased to share my new position as an Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University School of Law.  That would make me a Saluki.  What’s a Saluki?  See here from the SIU website, and if you are really, really interested see this PBS video.

Approximately four years ago, after nearly a decade long private practice career, I was looking to make a transition to academia.  The vibe of a college campus never left my bones, I viewed the youthful exuberance and idealism of students as contagious, and my high level of intellectual curiosity and love of research and writing were not being met.  Butler University gave me what I was looking for – a chance.   I will never forget that day in late August 2009 when I stood before a class and introduced myself as Professor Koehler and I will forever be grateful to Butler University for allowing me to begin to pursue my dream.

Going forward, the best e-mail address to reach me at is

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