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Your Honor …


The following are statements made by FCPA defendants immediately prior to being sentenced by a judge.

Remorse. Regret. Shame.

Embarrassment, not only for themselves, but for their family and friends as well.

It’s all there the moment before a judge determines whether they lose their liberty and for how long.


I just want to, once again, thank for the professionalism of everybody here, the way I have been treated along the process. I would like to apologize to Your Honor and my family and the Court for my actions. I was very young when I started this. It is no excuse, but, you know, I didn’t have any — any experience in running a business or — I regret deeply what I’ve done. You know, I just — I was just telling to my son yesterday, it was very hard, explaining to him what — you know, what — what I was facing. He started to cry, so that right there just made me, like, wish I could turn back time and not have put him through this pain, you know. I regret it deeply. I ask for your mercy, the Court’s mercy. I appreciate everything everybody has done for me. And God bless you. Thank you.


Thank you, your Honor. I would like you to know that I take responsibility, and I do feel deep remorse for my actions and the consequences of them. I’m sorry, and I wish to apologize for those actions that I did. At the same time, I thank the government lawyers and the agents for their careful work with me over the past four years, and my lawyers for their patience and guidance on this case. Your Honor, I trust you have learned that my family has had its fair share of personal difficulties over a period of time, which in many cases have made things more stressful by my conduct and resulting legal process here in the United States. At this point, I’m looking forward to rebuilding my life, being the best person I can going forward and essentially just really improving it. I continue to fear for what the future holds for my children, my grandchildren and my wife if I’m not available to give them the support that they deserve. This fear has been worse for me than losing my livelihood, my reputation and all my personal savings in the last few years, but I’d like to thank my family and especially my children and my wife, […], as well as my friends for their support, understanding and love over these years through this time. I could not have endured this process without them. Again, I apologize for my actions that have affected so many and led me to appearing here before you today for final judgment. Thank you, your Honor.


Thank you for the opportunity to speak to the Court. I’d like to say, first and foremost, that I take full responsibility for my actions and I’m deeply sorry to my wife and my family and my friends for putting them through this embarrassing situation. I’m also very sorry to the company and to the people I work with, my colleagues and even the shareholders, that I didn’t resign or stop the activity when it became apparent to me and for that, again, I take full responsibility for whatever the Court decides. This experience has taught me a lot and I hope that I can improve on myself and do better in the future and, again, I’m just so sorry to my wife and family, friends, for putting them through this. Thank you.


Your Honor, I would like to state my deep regret for my past conduct. After being arrested four and a half years ago and having my public image associated with the Car Wash Scandal in Brazil, I am now — Okay and I am now aware of my mistakes, for which I feel very bad. I succumbed to a prevalent but corrupt form of doing business. In addition to my own shame, I also regret the undeserved suffering of my beloved family and close friends. To make amends for my conduct, I have been voluntarily working with U.S. authorities since before my plea agreement. I have also been actively operating with the authorities in several countries, most notably including my home of Brazil, but also France, Singapore, Italy, and Switzerland. I have asked heartfelt pardon to my family, my wife, kids, and grandchildren. I reaffirm that I feel great remorse for my mistakes every single day of my life. That’s it, Your Honor.


Thank you for the opportunity to address the Court today. I pled guilty to conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and to pay a bribe to an agent of an organization receiving federal funds. I accept the full responsibility for my actions and apologize to the Court, the community, and especially to my family, friends, and associates, who continue to stand by me through this very difficult time. This experience has taught me a lot, continues to do so on many levels. It is beyond humbling to lose everything — my business, my worldly possessions, and most of all the relationships that I will never be able to get back. To the employees, clients, and communities across the globe that [company] served for nearly six decades, I apologize for letting you down. This deed is solely my responsibility. I will never again take for granted the freedoms I have and will do my very best to show my gratitude by first accepting the consequences for my actions. To my family and friends, I love you all for standing by me. I have so much gratitude for your unconditional support. I take all your words and advice to heart and promise to continue to be a healthy and positive contributing member of society no matter what the outcome is today. Thank you to my attorneys who have stood by me and helped me to understand and navigate this process. I also appreciate the professionalism and courtesy shown by Pretrial Services, the probation office, the prosecutor, and the FBI. Your Honor, I’d like to share that for the past 30 years that I’ve been with [company}, I truly embraced and loved the work that we performed for communities around the world. My passion has always been to help others without question and to put all our effort into solving the most difficult challenges for those most in need. While this situation has taken away my ability to work and earn a living, I know it will turn into something positive and worthwhile. It has to. Thank you for the opportunity to speak, Your Honor.”



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