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Friday Roundup


Banking bar, Kokesh related, OECD shaming, quotable, downfall, and listening in. It’s all here in the FCPA roundup.

Banking Bar

The Federal Reserve recently announced “that it is prohibiting Tim Leissner and Ng Chong Hwa, also known as Roger Ng, from the banking industry for their participation in a scheme to illegally divert billions of dollars from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund. Leissner was also fined $1.42 million and consented to the permanent ban.”

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Small Town Roots


Many people are surprised upon learning that my home base is a small Wisconsin village of approximately 1,000 people. However, when Elkhart Lake is your hometown (as well as that of your wife) life is good.

I don’t often go off-topic, but wanted to share this recent profile of FCPA Professor in a local newspaper as well as this recent local radio interview (beginning at the 12 minute mark) in which I discuss my background, my work, and FCPA compliance particularly for small to medium size enterprises.


Friday Roundup


Motion to dismiss filed, guilty plea, role reversal, adequate procedures, for the reading stack, and viewing suggestion. It’s all here in the Friday roundup.

Motion to Dismiss Filed

As highlighted in this prior post, in November 2017 the DOJ announced that Chi Ping Patrick Ho (of Hong Kong, China) and Cheikh Gadio (of Senegal) were criminally charged with conspiring to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, violating the FCPA, conspiring to commit international money laundering, and committing international money laundering.

Earlier this week, Ho filed this motion to dismiss certain of the FCPA and money laundering charges.

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Video – Has The FCPA Been Successful In Achieving Its Objectives?

people thinking

As long as laws have been enacted, inquisitive minds have contemplated the salient question of whether the law has been successful in achieving its objectives. Upon the 40th anniversary of the FCPA, it is appropriate to ask the salient question of whether the FCPA has been successful.

Of course to answer this question, success in the FCPA context must first be defined. Admittedly this is no easy task, as there are various plausible meanings of success in the FCPA context.

This approximate 25 minute video discuss these various meanings of success and encourages you to answer for yourself the question of whether the FCPA has been successful in achieving its objectives.

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