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An FCPA Statistical Feast

Kid in Candy Store

If the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is an area of your practice or interest, this post may make you feel like a kid in a candy store.

FCPA Professor has been the place to visit this month for in-depth 2023 FCPA enforcement statistics as well as comparisons to historical statistics. If you missed the daily posts, no worries. This post consolidates in one place the statistics recently published on FCPA Professor.

This post compares 2023 corporate FCPA enforcement to prior years.

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FCPA Enforcement Actions Against Foreign Companies From OECD Convention Peer Countries


As highlighted in this post, like prior years (see herehereherehereherehere and here) much of the largeness of 2023 FCPA enforcement resulted from corporate enforcement actions against foreign companies.

Specifically, of the 14 corporate Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement actions in 2023, 7 (50%) were against foreign companies (based in many instances on mere listing of securities on U.S. markets or in a few instances on sparse allegations of a U.S. nexus in furtherance of a bribery scheme). Of the net approximate $521 million in FCPA settlement amounts from 2023 corporate enforcement actions, $197 million (approximately 40%) was from enforcement actions against foreign companies.

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DOJ Individual Actions: The Strange Public – Private Divide


These pages track all sorts of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act statistics.

Some of the statistics are “inside baseball” like and other statistics (such as the long time periods associated with FCPA scrutiny or the general lack of individual enforcement actions in connection with most corporate enforcement actions) raise significant public policy issues and/or undermine government rhetoric.

The statistic discussed in this post fits all three categories: it is equal parts “inside baseball,” it raises significant public policy issues, it undermines government rhetoric, and moreover it is just plain strange (or perhaps it isn’t).

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A Focus On DOJ Individual FCPA Enforcement Actions


This recent post focused on SEC individual FCPA actions in 2023 and historically.

Today’s post highlights various facts and figures regarding the DOJ’s prosecution of individuals for Foreign Corrupt Practices Act offenses in 2023 and historically.

The key word above is FCPA offenses.

Some in the FCPA space include enforcement actions containing non-FCPA charges (often money laundering charges against alleged “foreign officials” or with increasing frequency money laundering charges against alleged bribe payors – see here) related to an FCPA enforcement action as an individual FCPA enforcement action. While it is fine to track such enforcement actions, calling them FCPA enforcement actions is factually false. (In fact, as highlighted in this prior post, approximately 55% of enforcement actions in recent years on the DOJ’s FCPA website are not actual FCPA enforcement actions).

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DOJ FCPA Enforcement – 2023 Year In Review


This recent post highlighted SEC Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement against issuers in 2023.

Today’s post focuses on the other FCPA enforcement agency – the Department of Justice – and highlights various facts and figures relevant to DOJ FCPA enforcement in 2023 against business organizations. (See here for a similar post from 2022; here for a similar post from 2021; here for a similar post from 2020; here for a similar post from 2019; here for a similar post from 2018; here from 2017, here from 2016, here from 2015, here from 2014, here from 2013, here from 2012, here from 2011, and here from 2010).

Settlement Numbers and Amounts

In 2023, the DOJ brought 7 corporate enforcement actions.

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